The Mystery of the Twin Spruces

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  • 15 oktober, 2014

Intent on filling my memory cards with images of wildness from this beautiful part of Sweden, I rose before the sun and set out to a forest between Ystad and the Baltic Sea. Ystad is a small picturesque city where the Henning Mankell detective stories with Police Inspector Kurt Wallander are set. Apart from a few other small cities Österlen is basically plain and farmland with a low degree of urbanization and high density of artists, writers, actors and musicians. As I closed in on my destination a red fox suddenly darted across the dirt road right in front of the car and scurried up on a stone wall running parallel with the road. I stopped and the fox froze on the wall only meters from the car and stared right at me. But by the time I’d raised my camera it was a mere tiny furry red dot of a fox-back in the distance and I lowered my guard. As I’d put the camera down and was about to hit the gas the fox, still visible, turns around and runs straight at me, stops within 5 meters of the car, takes another good look at me, and then resumes its escape into the dark forest. I was startled. Why did it all of a sudden come back? And why had I not percieved this scenario? Where was the photographer, I mean mentally? The fox was so magnificent with its lustruos red fur, its mild brown eyes and attentive ears, and so quick, it “distracted” me from my main task. It teased me, perhaps. Well, I had only to lock the vision in my memory, park the car and determine if there was anymore wildness around.

Lining the dirt road was not only an old stone wall but an impressive thicket of fir trees.
As the first warm morning rays of the early July sun hit the densely packed Norway Spruce trees, the almost needleless underbranches started glowing against a background of impenetrable darkness. The rays could reach no further. In fact these early morning summer rays were not sufficient enough light to sustain the existence of photosynthetic Spruce needles at all. But the light expo

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